Ancestral Potluck Feast

Simply put, we are alive because of those who went before us. In many cultures there are strong traditions of paying respect and honouring those ancestors whose lives allowed us to be born. Yet in our modern life it is often hard to find ways to remember and respect where we came from. Add in the grief we can feel when a loved one is lost and our memories and love can become a source of pain.

Please consider yourself invited to join us for a potluck feast in celebration and remembrance of those who have passed on. Bring food they would have enjoyed to share. Pictures or items to be placed on the shrine for the evening. Bring your stories to share with the group. Together we will laugh, share, and perhaps shed a tear, but most importantly we will remember and honour those who have passed to the other side.

This event is not based on any particular tradition. People of all faiths and practices are welcome.

Please bring:
Food to share
A plate, cup and cutlery. (Let’s not create unnecessary garbage)
Items to be placed on the shrine if you feel so moved
Your memories and stories.

March 22nd. 6-9pm
The Hermit’s Lamp
425 Vaughan Rd. Toronto

This event is free. However, there are some costs associated with me putting it on so donations are welcome. Anything extra will be donated to charity.