Ancestral Magick Course

We stand where we are through the efforts of countless generations before us. Rivers of bones, blood, and breath flowing back beyond memory. From spirit into bodies and back to spirit again.

ancestral magick course

Simply put Death is not the end.

These ancestors are one of the most powerful places to start a practical spiritual practice. They are often very close to our lives, quite invested in our well being, and more than willing to help us out.

Like any set of relationships we need to make time for them. We might need to negotiate our boundaries with some of them. Others might need us more than we need them to help them evolve. Some might be toxic and best be avoided entirely. We might also find long-lost folks who return from unknown lands to share with us. In the end we need to find the ones we resonate with and feed those connections.

This course will take you through a process of connecting and building a profound relationship with your helpful ancestors.

Our ancestors are also a powerful place to start when we want to work magick to improve our life and overcome problems.

Life is full of mystery. 

Magick helps us tap into life’s mystery and make changes in ourselves and our circumstances.

This work has been developed through personal practice, working with clients, and through the aid of a group of guinea pigs who’ve been test-running the course for the last 6 months.

My practice combines elements of the western ceremonial traditions, spiritism, natural magick (like herbs, and roots), spell craft, ancestor and lineage work, and psycho-magick.

This course will flow freely among these ways of working, using them as a base on which to help you develop your own personal practice. You don’t need any experience in any tradition to take this course.

What you’ll get: 

    • 12 lessons – delivered by email every week
    • Specific ceremonies to help you tap into and grow your skills
    • Instruction for daily practice
    • An understanding of who your spiritual court is and how to work with them
    • Guidance on finding those who will work magickaly for you
    • Practices to help elevate more challenging ancestors
    • A new divination tool to help build your connection
  • To participate in a FaceBook group with the other participants. (optional but encouraged)

What I need from you:

    • Course starts May 15th
    • Time to do the work – 15 minutes a day and 1-2 hours every week.
    • Enough tech savvy to download PDFs from a website
    • Access to a space where you can set up a small shrine. This could be part of a shelf, in a cupboard, or even in a cigar box.
  • Show up and do the work. Life is busy for everyone and this is a self-study driven course.

Signup now using the plan that works for you!

Pay in Full $250 CAD

Two payments on $125 CAD (one now and one in a month)

Four payments of $62.50 CAD (one now and then every two weeks)

Ten payments of $25 CAD (one now and one ever week)


I can’t hear the dead can I still take the course?
Totally. You’ll learn tools to help get messages with, or without being able to hear them. Of course the practices might help you hear more clearly too.

What if my ancestors all sucked?
The course will cover how to work with deep ancestors who are beyond those who you might have had bad relationships with.

I’m adopted what about me?
We will also cover approaches for those who never knew their ancestors.

What if they were evil incarnate?
If you are afraid of your ancestors this might not be the thing for you.

I’ve never done magick can I take the course?
Absolutely. This is a training course that will cover the basics, for folks who need it, and take everyone into deeper practices.

Isn’t magick dangerous?
It can certainly bring things up that require work to heal or resolve. Though we think we are aware of our lives this kind of work can surface hard stuff. If you are in crisis this isn’t for you.

I am a Christian, (Buddhist, Thelemite, Muslim, Etc.) is that okay?
The course leaves the specifics of prayer and cosmic belief open for people to practice as they believe. It is up to you to decide if it is against your faith.

Also important:

    • Registration is non-refundable.
  • Participation in the group is a privilege that can be revoked for bad behaviour.