Thanks for registering for the monthly candle vigil.

I appreciate your trust and support. Below are the thing you should keep in mind going forward.

  • You will be assigned a spot in the monthly order. 
  • This is a subscription service. Your payment will come out every month on the same date. This is not necessarily the same day that your candle will burn. 
  • I’ll email to ask you what you want the focus to be. If this changes feel free to email me along the way. Please do not change it monthly. Choose longer larger goals instead. If you need help with this please book a reading or spiritual consultation. 
  • Please don’t ask me to curse people or interfere with others with this working. I won’t do it. 
  • I’ll email you when it is done. This email will include a brief description of anything that came up while it was burning. 
  • You can cancel anytime. If you cancel and decide to start again you will get added to the waiting list. 

I’ll be in touch soon.