A Tarot of You – Guided Work

Imagine finding the perfect tarot deck. Where all the symbols speak directly to your life and experience. Where the imagery ties together both your history and your hopes and ambitions. How wonderful would it be to interpret every card without having to go get a book off the shelf and wade through ideas that don’t apply to your situation.

Imagine how clearly this perfect deck would reveal the nature of your own spirit to you.

Imagine having a tarot of you and your life.

I’d like to help you create a powerful tool that will help you understand yourself better, navigate your life, and connect more deeply with your spirit.

At the end of this six month journey you will end up with 22 cards drawn out of your weekly guided exploration of who you are and how these powerful and personal archetypes play out in your life. The questions and process that I will guide you through will help you at every step along the way.

How does it work?

  • Each week will be about building one card. You will receive questions, suggestions, and exercises to help you discover the symbols and images that belong on your version of the week’s card.
  • Every second week we will connect to talk about your discoveries. I’ll help you pull out the deeper patterns that are emerging from your work. We’ll we will help keep you on track.
  • I will create and moderate a private online group for the folks who’d like to share with others who are doing the same work.
  • Once your are done we’ll use on-demand printing to have a physical set of cards professionally printed that you can use in your own practice.
  • Once you have your cards there will be a few weeks’ worth of exercises to help you break them in.

But what if I am not an artist? Luckily we live in a time that is rich with imagery. We can grab images from magazines, newspapers, online, plus our smart phones let us photograph anything we see. I will help take you through a step-by-step process to create, collect, and assemble your card images.

What you get from the process

  • A step-by-step handbook of questions and exercises to help you find and create your art
  • Two 30 minute sessions a month to go deep into your own symbolism (in person, by phone or Skype)
  • Access to a private online group so you can share your journey with others doing the same work
  • Guidance on how to put it all together

What You will need to give to the process. 

  • 15-20 minutes a day for the process and one longer session per week to create your image
  • 6 months of attention on this project
  • Access to a camera (your phone will work as long as it connects to your computer), computer, and the internet.

Pricing to follow

This is an introductory price—I always underestimate the amount of time on things like this so take advantage of my mistake.

A Tarot of You FAQ

How will I know what the I need to do to get the files printed?
The workbook contains detailed instructions on how to set up your files including dimensions and other important information. It is easy and if you get lost in it I am happy to help you.

What if I miss an appointment?
Just let me know ahead of time and we can move it. I do need 24 hours notice to move it otherwise you will lose that appointment.

What if I use all my time with you and need more?
No worries. We can continue to book sessions. My current rates can always be found on my website.

Can I make a payment plan?
Of course. If you cannot pay it all up-front, you can pay in 6 monthly instalments of $100 instead. If you are planning on taking 12 months to do the work you can pay $50 a month in 12 instalments too. Both options are at the bottom of the page for the project. Please keep in mind payment plans are a courtesy to help people participate where paying all at once is a challenge. It is a contract that you will be expected to uphold. Stopping your payments for any reason is a breach of our agreement.

Can I pay as I go?
You are welcome to pay in instalments. I am happy to change them to fit your cash flow if every 2 weeks is better than monthly or whatever your case may be. I can’t just have you send money as you go along though you must choose an automated plan. Please see previous question.

What if I can’t do it in 6 months?
No worries. After talking to a lot of people about the work I am offering a 12 month option to help people manage the balance between creating a deck and their day-to-day obligations. Just tell me this is what you want when you sign up.

Can I do it without a time limit?
I am unconvinced, based my own experience, that a project like this without a clear deadline serves anyone very well. You may be different. I am not closed to to the idea so write me and convince me.

What if I go on holiday or get sick?
No worries we will just schedule around your time or catch up later.

What if I want a full deck?
No problem. I am putting together the other 56 cards so that anyone can use them to fill out their creation to 78 cards.

But I’d like to create my own full deck.
Using the service we will be using to print, you will be able to create the other cards yourself in time and use them instead if you wish.

What if I lose a card or my deck?
You can print another one anytime you like. You will have all the files and it is very straightforward.

Can I get an extra copy?
You can order as many copies as you like. The printing is very affordable.

What is included in the price:

  • 12 half-hour sessions with me
  • participation in the online group (good behaviour required)
  • the work book
  • technical production guidance (i’ll be happy to check if a file is set up right)

Not included:

  • Extra sessions if you use all your time
  • The cost of printing (about $20 a copy)
  • Image editing and production (if required)
  • Photographing of your work (if required)


Women’s face in the banner by David Goehring

Back ground music in the video by Gurdonark / CC BY 3.0