Tarot Reading and Spirit Guides – Webinar – November 29th

The question of how tarot readings work is a complex and pervasive one. I think that all readers are somewhat different in the tools they bring to a reading. One of the biggest influences on my readings has been my work with my guide Melinda. She helps me read the cards, directs the flow of the readings and helps me unveil the future. It is not that I have not studied the cards or cannot read on my own, but together Melinda and I double our strength and the value of the readings we give.

We all have guides and teachers on the other side that can help us, both with our personal problems and in reading for other people. Melinda is wonderful guide for me because she worked as a fortune-teller with the cards when she was alive. They are many kinds of guides and many ways they might add to your readings. This workshop will help build and deepen your relationship to your guides wherever you are in that journey.

What does your guide have to say to you?
* Learn who your guides are and how to contact them
* Deepen the connection with guides you are already working with
* Find out how to access your guides when reading the cardsThis practical workshop will build your tarot skills in general and help you get closer to those spirits who are here to help guide you in your life.All levels are welcome. Bring your deck and a notebook. Handouts will be provided.
Pre-registration is required to book your space.
Cost $25 +HST

Thursday November 29th, 7:30-9:30pm EST.
Webinar – using Calliflower – local numbers all over North America or via Skype.
A recording will be available if you want to participate but cannot make the actual live call.

You can reserve your spot via Paypal here.