Getting to Now – The Road to Wholeness Part 2

So you finished the letting go process. Maybe you achieved all your goals and life is now perfect. If so awesome! If however you feel like you need to bring what you learned from that process into your daily life the next step of the work is waiting for you.

This work builds right on top of what you have already done. It works to bring out what you learned from working with your shadow in to your life and take you through a step-by-step process to bring a deeper level of alignment between your life and the inner work you have already been working on.

This work will take you through a 52 week journey towards… well… wholeness. It is constructed to help you find peace, build love and compassion with your self and with the world, to foster communication in your relationships and harmony with your work life. This work needs to take a year because it will shift every aspect of your life for the better.

Though the duration of this process is longer that the “Letting Go” work, the amount of time on a daily basis is much less. Once a week you will do a full session as you did in the first set of work. This weekly piece will then be strengthened by a daily anchoring exercise and what ever level of journalling you feel is necessary. Together this weekly work and daily remembering will allow you to take what you are experiencing into you life where it can work it’s magic. The overall process will be very familiar – downloaded meditation and workbooks- to take you through each step at times that are convenient to you.

The cost will be either $1000+hst upfront
or  $100+hst in 12 monthly instalments.
If you would like email support it is available for an additional $150+hst a month you will be billed $250 a month +HST.

If you want one on one support in person or via the phone or Skype it is available either by the hour or in blocks of 5 hours for $450.

Are you ready for the next step in this journey? Just click the link that goes with the payment and support level you want and you will be taken to Paypal.

If you are unsure if this is right for you just contact me and we can talk about it.

“Sunflower” Image by ToOb. Used under creative commons license.