Letting go

Recently I had shingles. It meant I was in pain off and on for over a week and by pain I mean the laying down and crying uncontrollably kinda pain. Pain sucks the joy out of everything. I felt tired and vulnerable all the time during this illness – even when I wasn’t in pain I was afraid that it would come back. During this time I spent a lot of time thinking about pain both physical and emotional. The good thing about physical pain is that once it goes away it is gone. Memories of physical pain in my experience are not at all like the actual pain. Emotional pain has a recurring effect that brings back the original suffering. To make matters even harder living with prolonged emotional pain makes it next to impossible to enjoy the rest of your life.

Start enjoying your life!

Many of the people I see struggling to live a great life have problems that are rooting in their past. Insecurity, fear, challenges communicating, lack of trust or lack of confidence is often rooted in the past. These problems limit being fully empowered in the now and can be hard to deal with because they are often not rooted in a specific event in the past but created and reinforced by many events in a persons life.

For other there are  clear challenges from the past that they are unable to let go of. People are caught up in the past – in the pain, grief, and struggles of things that have gone by that nothing can be done about any longer. Whether it is a bad relationship from years before, the loss of a loved one, or a failing in business, the past can drain a person of the ability to manifest a positive and vibrant future.

The challenge in fixing these kind of problems is that it is internal, ephemeral and slippery. It is not as simple as getting some physio or moving some stuff around. This pain can also be irrational and immune to logic and reasoning. This is where meditation comes in. By using meditation we can build new patterns that reorganize the inner workings of the mind and heart so that a more balanced and healthy way of being can emerge.

Pain not only steals the present but prevents us from having a great future by discouraging us from doing anything to heal. Your emotional pain and attachment will come up with a million reasons why you can’t let go and heal. Don’t give in to your pain because it is lying to you. I know from experience that you can get past it, because I have I helped lots of people do the same.

You probably hit block number one just a few paragraphs before when I brought up meditation. Don’t let that stop you in your tracks here. I guarantee I can teach anyone to meditate – and by anyone I mean you. If I am wrong you can have your money back, but I am not wrong.

“I have tried many things like this before and never been able to use what I learned. With Andrew it is so practical and easy to implement. I notice new changes every week and so does everyone else in my life.” ~ Diana

Letting go is a process.

I have been helping people with letting go for years. I have developed all sorts of tools that have helped hundreds of people put the past behind them, transcend their insecurity and other limiting feelings, and allowed them to get on with their lives. I work with these techniques myself to get beyond the hard things that have surfaced in my life. By combining all these tools into one process I have created a simple and powerful process that can help you get beyond what is holding you back. It will work for horrible relationships, a lack of confidence, troubled childhoods, paralyzing fear, painful loss and most any problem you could name.

This work will help you:
• Stop thinking about the past
• Let go of past difficulties, hurts, failures and struggles
• Release the energy tied up in this pattern
• See what is really going on now – instead of filtering things through the past
• Change the way you are in the world
• Change the way others relate to you
• Help you be more at ease in your life
• Find hope and joy again

8 weeks and you will be moving ahead with your life!

The core of this process is a series meditations that help move you through the entire letting go process and find closure. Many people worry about their ability to meditate but I swear if you can hear you will be able to get everything you need out of this work. You can download your free meditation by entering your email into the box on the left of the page.

You should consider this work if you:
• Think about the past in a way that is not pleasant
• Keep repeating patterns from old situations
• Your past keeps you from living your life
• Have a feeling, like insecurity, fear, or alienation, that gets in the way of you making the life you want
• Feel you learned the lessons of the past but can’t get over the emotions

Reiki, NLP, EFT and other modalities you might be working with or have trained in, all integrate well with the Road to Wholeness work. This process will help you complete your healing by bring your subconscious/shadow in communication and co-operation with your conscious mind. Simply put, your shadow will choose to talk to you instead of getting in your way and sabotaging you.

When you sign up for this process you will get:

• a workbook to guide you through all the daily practices and help keep you on track which you download in PDF format.
• a series of recorded meditations that will take you through each of the stages in this process. As we move through the 8 weeks there will be new MP3’s that help take you gently through through the process.

You choose how much support you think you will need:

You can do the work independently. Some people are really self-motivated and determined and will just plow through what they commit to. If that is you than you can buy the work itself and work on your own.

You can get daily email support from me through out the work. You send your work to me and your questions too and I will lend you support through-out the work. I will also check in on you if I don’t hear from you to make sure you stay on track.

Or you can have a personal session with me weekly throughout your journey. Some folks know they have a lot to deal with. that maybe their issues are really deep or long standing. Perhaps you are the kind of person who needs some handholding to follow through with this kind of work. Meeting weekly either in person, or via the phone or skype allows for deeper levels to be accessed and more personal attention to be focused on your personal challenges.

Whichever way of working you choose you get to keep all these materials to use should there be something else you need to work on or if something come up in the future.

All I need from you to make this process succeed for you is 15-20 minutes a day. You can do your practice anytime that works for you.It’s not a lot of time and if you are like many of the people I have worked with are probably spending more time than that thinking about the past. Just steal back that time and start your healing process. Being “too busy” is just your pain blocking you again.

Your daily work will consist of listening to the recording for the stage we are working on. Most days there will be an exercise in your workbook to do. It might be an affirmation, a simple action, or a bit of writing. These actions will build on each other and help the process move along quickly. Pretty simple. Since the material is downloaded to your computer you decide when works best for you in your day to do the meditation – before work, at lunch, after the kids are in bed – whenever works for you.

Which level of support to you need to help you Let Go?


Work on your own Get Email support Get personal support
You are self motivating
Your issues are not long standing
You have a solid background in meditating
You get the workbook and all the meditations
You need some level of
support or motivationYou want a safety net
to help you with what
surfaces on your journey
You get the workbook
and all the meditations
PLUS you get daily support
from me via email.
You send me your progress,
questions and challenges
and I will help you keep going.
AND I will prod you if you
stall in your progress.

PLUS you get daily support
from me via email.
You send me your progress,
questions and challenges
and I will help you keep going.

AND I will prod you if you
stall in your progress.

You have long standing issues
you want to transcend
You have a lot of history to let go of
You are worried about
dealing with what will surface
on your ownYou need to have someone
you are accountable to
to finish work that challenges you
You get the workbook
and all the meditations
PLUS we will meet weekly
in person or via the phone
or skype for 1 hour to focus
on your journey

PLUS you get daily support
from me via email.
You send me your progress,
questions and challenges
and I will help you keep going.

AND I will prod you if you
stall in your progress.

My ability to help comes from my own challenges.

One of the reasons I have had so much success in helping others is that I truly understand where they are coming from and what they are feeling. I’ve had my heart broken – more than once over the years. I have been running my own businesses since 1998 and had some big failures at times that cost me a lot. I spent a year learning to walk again after being hit by a truck and breaking my femur. In 2009, I lost two of brothers within 6 weeks of each other. I am not living your life but I know what it means to be lost in hard stuff. People tell me that I am strong person and are amazed by how I handle problems in my life. The reality is that some of the hard stuff I have had to deal with in my life hits me just as hard as it does anyone else – I just happen to have a lot of tools to get beyond it quickly.

Created out of the wisdom of the Tarot

This process is the first instalment in a larger set of work I am calling “the Road to Wholeness.” Drawing on over 20 years of experience with the Tarot I have taken the wisdom in the cards and created a process that anyone can benefit from. The deep archetypal energies of the Tarot are woven into the meditations and the structure of the process – but you don’t need to know anything about the Tarot to use it. There is nothing esoteric, occult, or complicated about this process that will get in the way of you accessing the transformations you are looking for.

The Road to Wholeness consists of three main steps. The first stage, of which the letting go of the past is a part, clears up the relationship between you and your unconscious or shadow. Unlike many other systems which clear the symptoms of problems with the past or unconscious patterns, this process will bring you into cooperative communication with your unconscious which will stop blocking you. The second stage grounds you in the present and helps you see what is really going on around you. The third stage tackles the future and deals with manifesting the future you are looking for. All three parts work together to create wholeness through freedom from unconscious motivations and self-sabotage, seeing the obstacles that are blocking your life now and developing the ability to manifesting your destiny. The other stages will be released in the coming year.

This process is not a magic pill or cure all and is not for everyone.
• If you are in crisis right now please seek some more immediate and direct help right away.
• If the event that what you need to let go of happened yesterday – it is too soon. In general, I think that 6 months is a good guide for how much time should have passed for this to really help. Contact me for other options.
• If you are receiving psychiatric, therapy, or medical care please consult with that person before deciding to start this process – they will be best able to help you evaluate whether it will help or not.

Still not sure if this is for you? Give me a call or and email and I will help you decide.