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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese term that canbe – and has been –defined many different ways:“SacredEnergy”,“LifeEnergy”,“TruestSelf”,among others.All of these translations fit with the meaning and offerings of Reiki, a gift bestowed upon thefounder,Usui Mikao, in 1922 upon achieving enlightenment – connecting with the cosmic energy of the universe to find your truest, healed self, and connecting with others to help them on the same path. Reiki, however, is not just a hands-on-healing form; through connecting with the teachings of the founder, and the lessons learned in a daily practise one is quick to find that this is far more a way of lifeBy healing yourself you heal the world.

What is Reiki Ryoho?

When you think of Reiki(if you do at all), Reiki Ryoho is often what comes to mind – hands-on-healing session that a practitioner can offer to anyone regardless of time, space, or distance, which is said to heal the mind, body, and heart along with many other benefits. By channeling the Universal Energy and allowing it to free flow through the practitioner to the recipient, directing it toexactly where it needs togo to address their unique needs – such as renewing depleted levels, or reducing excessive energy. This is an inexhaustable resource that cannot be tampered with in any way, and doesn’t resultin an“energyexchange” from the person offering to the person receivingor vice-versa.In no way can anything“negative”be passed on or leftbehind after a session – after all, this Universal Energy is shared by us all and as a result provides only neutral healing where it’s needed most.

What does a session look like?

You will come in to a quiet shop and be welcomedback to our reading roomupon your arrival, where a comfortable massage table will be set up with blankets and pillows for your comfort,and some soft music of our choosing can be playing. We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing – such as workout or yoga clothes – and you will be as asked to remove your shoes for your hour-long session. Josh will then offer Reiki, whichcould look like an hour of focus just on the head, a mix of moving from the head down to parts of the body that need Reiki, or steady focus on areas that need physical healing attention. There are many tools and techniquesa practioner can use depending on what is needed in that moment, but you should feel very relaxed, and calm while your sessionis underway. Sometimes, you will find thatemotions arise,we will work through them together, or take a break until youfeel comfortable to begin again. After an hour or so, Josh will let you know your session is coming to an end and give you a few minutes to come back to the space. You will then have a few minutes to discuss anything that may have come up with Josh before sending you on your way.