Practice and Play with other Tarot Lovers

I have been really enjoying connecting with the tarot community here in Toronto and craving more. The tarot symposium in March just highlighted how much I an invigorated by sharing with others around the cards. The more I live the cards the more I want to live them but not always by myself and not always just for clients – though both of those are important parts of my journey with the cards.

This event is an open time to come and meet other tarot lovers of all levels. Share your exciting new deck or beloved old one. Exchange readings to practice with others. Talk about your ideas and theories about the cards, readings, or tarot in general.

All paths welcome. All levels welcome. Tarot, oracles, runes and other divination tools welcome.

A few guidelines – please read.

Please come with the intention to share your story not your business cards. I completely support people making connections and staying in contact but keep in mind this a social event not a networking event. It is not a space to fish for clients.

We are accepting of sceptics and those in search of their roads but we ask you to be respectful and open. If you are looking for proof, to be convinced, to convert folks to your views, or to be right this is probably not the group for you.

If you are thinking of coming just so you can get a free reading please look elsewhere this group is about sharing not taking.

Cost is $5+hst.
Location shared upon registration.