Mediumship and Casting Subscription Group

So you’ve taken the first course and are all fired up about speaking with your ancestors through charm casting. However, the course is over – what do you do now? How about keeping the party going by joining the membership group?

By joining the membership group you’ll get to continue learning new skills and refining the ones you learned in the class. 

Specifically you’ll get to:

  • Be a part of a private Facebook group with other alumni of the course. 
  • Ask questions of Carrie and Andrew in an ongoing way
  • Receive a monthly instructional video and casting sheet to build new skills 
  • Continue to build your skills in a supported way 

$10 billed monthly (USD)

Click here to Sign up now 

Some important details. (aka the fine print)

  • We are only able to offer this via Facebook. 
  • Your payments will be automatically billed monthly on the date you registered. 
  • You are free to leave at anytime. 
  • The continuation of the group is contingent on a certain minimum number of members. We’ll notify you if it falls below that point. 
  • Carrie and Andrew will be active in the group but cannot guarantee immediate answers.