Learning to Love the Thoth Tarot. Free Talk

Seems most people have a strong reaction to the Thoth Tarot deck. They love it or hate it. Some even go so far as to say it is evil, dangerous, and brings dark energy. Curious now?

This free tele call will talk about how to approach this deck. We’ll talk about why there is nothing to fear. Not spiritually and certainly not from the qabala, astrology or other esoteric systems that form the basis of this wonderful deck.

We will end with a Q&A about the deck and about my upcoming 8 week intensive on mastering the Thoth tarot.

March 19th 7:30-9pm est. 

Dial-in Number: +1 661-673-8605
Participant Access Code: 160030

This call will be recorded for those who can’t make the live call.