Let’s help life thrive. A new project.

Tarot of Marseille - the Sun Card

The Sun card in the Tarot is a symbol of life, innocence, and renewal. Let’s use the tarot to help life continue to thrive.

It has been a hard few weeks for me. My Madrina passed on my birthday after a fight with cancer. There has been a horrible tragedy in Connecticut. I am sad and my heart is heavy with the state of the world. I am also an optimist and had the joy of hugging my children today. I cannot really say anything coherent beyond this – so no post from Melinda today.

I have however rolled out a project I was planning on announcing in the new year. If you would like to help me celebrate the beauty of life, create a tarot deck, and raise money for cancer research you can read about “The Triumph of LIfe Tarot Project” here. I will need artists, helping hands, a cheering squad, and help spreading the word. If you’d like to join this team please check it out.

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