EP72 Massive Change with Barbara Moore

She’s back!! Barbara Moore is joining me this week for another exciting episode of The Hermit’s Lamp Podcast. It’s been a big year filled with lots of changes and new journeys so join us to catch up, and hear what’s been brewing on the farm!

This is our FOURTH chat on The Hermit’s Lamp Podcast so if you’ve missed any be sure to check them all out.

The First is on choices and Initiation.

The Second is all about Finding your Path.

And our Third was an amazing discussion on How the Tarot Works.

Catch our previous episodes here EP 22 Initiation, Choices, and Truth – A talk with Barbara Moore, EP 44 Finding Your Path with Barbara Moore and Ep58 How Tarot Works with Barbara Moore

Connect with Barbara on her website and feel free to shoot her an email.

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